BREAKING NEWS: Transcend Packaging Ltd. Selected to Provide Paper Straws for McDonald’s UK and Ireland

For Immediate Release 15 June 2018

Transcend Packaging Ltd. Selected to Provide Paper Straws for McDonald’s UK and Ireland

  • Transcend Packaging Ltd. to provide paper straws for McDonald’s UK and Ireland as they roll-out paper straws across their UK and Irish restaurants beginning in September this year and completing in 2019
  • Transcend Packaging Ltd. is headquartered in South Wales and will begin production of paper straws and a range of folding carton options in the summer of 2018

Transcend Packaging is proud to have been selected to produce eco-friendly paper straws for McDonald’s UK and Ireland. Transcend was founded as a leading innovator in the sustainable packaging space and provides a broad range of product options from paper straws to folding cartons. Transcend has assembled an experienced team of industry specialists who are focused on creating sustainable packaging solutions to help preserve our environment while concurrently meeting the needs of our clients and their customers. 

By working in partnership with local and regional government, leading companies and the wider public, Transcend Packaging provides eco-friendly packaging solutions enabling business growth while preserving a healthy environment for future generations.   

Transcend is proud to be a British company providing UK based production capability for sustainable packaging products and privileged to be a part of the long heritage of the Welsh packaging and printing industry.

Lorenzo Angelucci, Managing Director of Transcend Packaging Ltd. said: “We greatly appreciate the support and encouragement of the Welsh Government and we look forward to providing world-class packaging solutions and further jobs in Wales for many years to come. I am delighted that McDonald’s has taken this visionary step towards reducing the environmental impact of the food industry. Spurred on by Sir David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet” series we hope that Transcend’s new range of environmentally friendly products will be part of the solution for a greener world.”

Key Facts on Transcend Packaging:

  • Transcend Packaging was established in 2017 to provide sustainable packaging solutions to customers in the food service, food & beverage and health and beauty industries.
  • Transcend Packaging has a manufacturing facility in South Wales that will begin production in summer 2018.
  • The leadership team of Transcend Packaging has over 150 years of experience in the packaging industry at several UK and international packaging companies.
  • Transcend Packaging is focused on providing innovative solutions to clients and is developing an unparalleled line of sustainable paper-based packaging products.
  • Transcend Packaging has received support from the Welsh Government.
  • Transcend Packaging will be the first major producer of paper straws in the United Kingdom and is proud to be a UK based packaging company.
  • Transcend Packaging has a broad array of solutions for paper-based folding cartons.

For more information please contact:

Deborah Fletcher at or +44(0) 7375 411574