Across the packaging spectrum, the message is clear, it’s time to reduce the impact of packaging on our environment. From government regulators to the purchasing public, there is a national consensus toward reducing the amount of packaging waste with the potential to impact our delicate ecosystem.

Recycling is vitally important, but it’s just the beginning…

Transcend Packaging specializes in working with leading companies to help design and implement a sustainable packaging strategy.

Utilizing recycled materials is important but there is so more you can do.

The ability to recycle your product is important but there are many other variables to consider including your packaging format, avoiding “over packaging” and minimizing excessive resource usage.  Let Transcend help put your product at the center of the strategy and we’ll work with you to make it more environmentally friendly.

Sustainability Commitment

Transcend Packaging is committed to working toward a cleaner environment. The core of the initiative – design, materials, and methods – represents a comprehensive approach to packaging that minimizes environmental impact throughout the supply chain. Transcend Packaging manufactures and trades packaging products that are recyclable whenever possible. We promote the use of recycled content in our packaging. We actively work with our client-partners to move their packaging solutions toward the highest levels of sustainability possible.

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