Transcend continually invests in R&D to ensure that innovation remains at its core. Transcend’s primary objective is to create sustainable packaging alternatives that deliver the changes both leading brands and consumers are demanding. We continually encourage our product development and tech teams to work closely with clients and across industry segments to identify where evolution towards greater sustainability is possible, while applying these insights to our R&D process.

R&D is vitally important to the business and sometimes involves presenting ideas that push the boundaries around what businesses think is possible. At other times, it is about opening clients’ eyes to solutions they didn’t know they needed while identifying solutions for future problems which have not yet been acknowledged in the mainstream – positioning their business multiple steps ahead of their competitors.

Digital Printing

Leading brands are increasingly seeking alternatives to lithographic printing due to the increasing demand for shorter, flexible and more sustainable supply chains. In one of the most significant technological advancements for the packaging industry, digital printing, a recent innovation that’s looking to evolve minimum order quantity restrictions, has minimal order run requirements reducing order sizes and waste, as there’s no need to hold stock. It is also a cost competitive alternative to litho-printing with shorter set-up times making it ideal for smaller brands and those with a high number of SKU’s.

Furthermore, digital printing is enabling businesses to streamline the personalisation and customisation of branded products for increased margins and brand penetration. Whether that be personalising one unit, or 1 million, it is a newly achievable feat. Large orders can now be broken down into shorter runs allowing for agile design changes and tactical messaging nationally, regionally, or locally. With such a broad horizon of new opportunities, we believe digital carton printing will dominate the packaging industry for years to come.  

Moulded Fibre

In light of major retailers shifting to paper-based packaging alternatives, Transcend sees moulded fibre as the ideal direct replacement for plastic lids, scoops, trays, cosmetics, packaging and inlay trays, all of which can be coated or printed. Despite its recent introduction we have already secured large leading international customers and are shipping across the globe with further growth planned for the future. We believe that the moulded fibre segment is likely to be one of the largest beneficiaries of plastic substitution.

Transcend’s moulded fibre range uses special bio-coating formulations to achieve desired barrier properties for ready meals (chilled & frozen) and beverage cups.

Our current moulded fibre offerings include:

  • Scoops
  • Cups & Lids
  • Trays
  • Inlay Trays


Transcend are delighted to have developed our new ‘T-Eco’ home delivery and takeaway container. We are working with like-minded companies to source sustainable materials that offer a true alternative to single-use plastic on a commercial basis, the board is the real USP here .

T-Eco is produced using fluted Kraft board, widely recycled and repulpable by any paper or board mill. It can withstand temperatures as high as 220c for 30 minutes, making it suitable for duel ovenable convection or microwave ovens and is leakproof and grease resistant.

Lastly, it is fully sourced and manufactured in the UK, where we produce it vegan friendly and free of PFAS. All of these characteristics make it perfect for both hot or cold, home delivery and takeaway food, while reducing the need and waste of single-use plastics.