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No time to waste

There is no time to waste when it comes to plastic pollution. Products used for an instant today will leave a legacy of waste for our children tomorrow. We founded Transcend Packaging to help break this cycle.

Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable packaging.

We work with innovators, product developers and materials experts to manufacture tomorrow’s technologically advanced sustainable packaging. For too long we have embraced the single-use-plastic culture and we are overdue for change. Join us and our brands in championing a new era in plastic free packaging.

For our planet and ourselves, there is no time to waste.

Featured Products

UK-Based Industry Leader Transcend Packaging Joins Global Leader And US-Based Zume’s Worldwide Production Network To Deliver A Sustainable Alternative To Single-Use Plastic

The Zume and Transcend collaboration will enhance capacity of sustainable, affordable, and scalable wet moulded fibre, using next-generation robotic technology

Digitally Printed Cartons

Leading brands are increasingly seeking alternatives for traditional carton printing due to increasing demand for shorter, flexible and more sustainable supply chains.

In one of the most significant technological advancements for the packaging industry, digital printing, a recent innovation that’s looking to end minimum order quantity restrictions, has rock-bottom minimum run requirements, reducing order sizes and waste, as there’s no need to hold stock.

U-bend Industrial Straw®

Our new u-bend industrial straw ® represents a significant design advancement as we have continued to grow our straw business into a position of UK category leadership, supplying most major quick service restaurant brands and recently announcing the bendable/U-bend straw for juice boxes with Ribena.


Transcend has developed our new ‘T – Eco’ home delivery and takeaway container to help advance the state of the art in takeaway packaging. We are working with like-minded companies to source sustainable materials that offer the performance of single-use plastic in an more eco-friendly format.

The Transcend Brand DNA

Transcend’s goal is to create sustainable packaging products that offer a meaningful contribution toward reducing plastic waste as leading brands work to make minimise the ecological impact of their packaging at the end of its useful life. Through our commitment to innovation, disruption and new product development, Transcend is helping promote meaningful change in the packaging industry.





Making a Difference

How you can make a difference

Across Transcend and our production process, we are committed to environmental stewardship. From design, materials and methods, we believe in a comprehensive approach to packaging that minimizes environmental impact across the supply chain.

This is how Transcend makes a difference, click below to learn how you can too:

More ways to make a difference

Sustainable options


Transcend Packaging Makes Major Push into Moulded Fibre

Transcend Packaging Makes Major Push into Moulded Fibre

Industry leading Transcend Packaging forms strategic partnership to deliver a range of advanced moulded fibre products to replace plastic  UK-based sustainable packaging company, Transcend Packaging, has announced it is entering a strategic partnership with fellow...

Inside Transcend

ITV Wales This Week

ITV Wales This Week

Our CEO, Lorenzo Angelucci, and Sales & Marketing Director, Mark Varney, appeared on ITV ‘Wales This Week’ programme to discuss how Welsh businesses like ourselves can launch a ”green industrial revolution” through sustainability to kickstart the Welsh economy following the Coronavirus pandemic.