no time to waste

champions of SUSTAINABLE packaging

There is no time to waste when it comes to plastic pollution. Products used for an instant today will leave a legacy
of waste for our children tomorrow. We founded Transcend Packaging to help break this cycle.

Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable packaging.

We work with innovators, product developers and materials experts to manufacture tomorrow’s technologically
advanced sustainable packaging. For too long we have embraced the single-use-plastic culture and we are overdue
for change. Join us and our brands in championing a new era in plastic free packaging.

For our planet and ourselves, there is no time to waste.

Some examples of how we’ve made an immediate impact:

Paper Straws

We have partnered with major brands to reduce or eliminate millions of single-use plastic straws from our world.

Digital Printing

Tonnes of packaging waste is created due to redundant or unused stock. Digital printing allows brands to order what they need, when they need it, significantly reducing waste.


We are working with like-minded companies to source sustainable materials that offer a true alternative to single-use plastic on a commercial basis.

Simple choices in packaging can make a huge difference

It is time to challenge the assumptions that often lead to the landfill

Choosing materials wisely

Are your materials as sustainable as possible?

Review your supply chain

Are you leveraging innovation in response to your customers?

Review stock order patterns

Are you ordering more than you need?

Consider product size and format

Are you utilising your packaging design to minimise materials usage?

Avoid over-engineering packaging

Does your packaging exceed its true requirements?

Consider the end of packaging life

How and where will your packaging be disposed?

What they are saying:

“They have a well thought out company plan and already appear successful even though they’re only a start-up. A clear winner by unanimous decision as a sustainable packaging company”

Judging Panel, Welsh Business Awards, Winner for Start-Up Business of the Year

“Transcend Packaging’s focus on decarbonisation and innovation is exactly the sort of behaviour we are trying to encourage with our Economic Action Plan and the Welsh Government is proud to be working hard to support such an ethical and forward-looking business.”

Ken Skates, Economy Secretary for Wales

“We were impressed by Transcend Packaging’s business plan. Although they have only been in business for a relatively short time, they have already experienced remarkable successes. Their clear vision and commitment to sustainability shows that this business is prepared to make their mark in the world of packaging.”

Heather Myers, CEO of South and Mid Wales Chamber of Commerce

“Transcend has the ability to grow; they will change how brands go to market, and how they stock – there won’t be warehouses full of packaging; it will be more about print on demand.”

Adele Cable, UK and Ireland business manager HP Indigo Business


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