Sustainable On-Pack Straws: Solved.
Many businesses are still looking for the right plan and the right partner – the key areas to consider for your on-pack straw are:
Robust Supply Chain

With both UK and EU production facilities, Transcend provides consistent, reliable and quality production with close proximity to you. Our delivery procedure offers short lead times and favourable transport costs.

Competitive Pricing

Transcend  pioneer in the paper straw for aseptic carton category, developing straws with inner diameters as low as 2.7mm, whilst maintaining the outer diameter the same as a plastic straw. This straw maintains the same O.E.E as a PP straw, and eliminates the need for retooling by the customer.

Unbeatable Quality

  As a founding ‘Charter of Trust’ member, Transcend’s straws are compliant with all applicable UK and EU regulation and are produced to the highest quality. Transcend partners with Europe’s leading manufacturers and automation specialists to product thousands of straws per minute with a length tolerance of +/-1mm and diameter tolerance of +/- 0.1mm.

The Switch to Sustainability Couldn’t be Simpler
Contact one of our experts today to discuss your needs.

We’ll send samples in order to complete a trial run on your straw lines with our FSC certified and recyclable aseptic straws.

Once we have you up and running, we continue to support you on- and off-site to keep production running smoothly.
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There is no time to waste when it comes to preparing for the EU’s Single-Use Plastics ban. Whether your concern is reliable supply, pricing or quality, Transcend has the solution for you.

With both UK and EU production facilities, alongside industry leading technology and production methods, our clients are guaranteed a robust supply chain. These components, enable speed to market and peace of mind for you, when time really is of the essence.