Straw strength means better experience and longer life

For Transcend MD Lorenzo Angelucci, the sight of a sea turtle having plastic waste removed from one of its nostrils, it was, quite literally, the last straw. 
From that moment, he made it his mission to eliminate the need for plastic straws by developing a paper straw that performed just as well and would not pollute and harm the environment.
That mission ultimately led to the creation of Transcend and far beyond straws, to a whole range of sustainable packaging and products for food,  retail, beauty products, point-of-sale materials and more.
But it started with a straw, so let’s look at Transcend’s paper straws…
Our straws are 100% recyclable/biodegradable/compostable, meaning however they are disposed of, they leave no long-term waste.The materials used to manufacture our straws are derived from FSC-certified forests and other sustainable sources. 
To provide the very best performance and user experience, our paper straws are multi-layered and treated with an anti-fizz coating. This makes them more durable over longer periods of submersion. We fully test them under all appropriate usage scenarios – no more waxy, sagging, mush after two minutes, as with old-fashioned paper straws.
At our site in South Wales, we are able to manufacture QSR (straight) and aseptic (hinged) straws that are suitable for use in foodservice and for drinks cartons. They have been trialled with SIG and Tetrapak lines and require no packaging alterations, making them very easy for our clients to implement into existing products.
Our highly trained staff and cutting-edge production facilities enable us to produce straws five times faster than our competitors. In fact, we can manufacture at the kind of capacity that has allowed us to reach an agreement with McDonald’s to provide their 1350+ outlets in the UK and Ireland with paper straws.

McDonald’s made the switch from plastic to paper straws in response to growing public demand for more sustainable practices from businesses in general, and other companies have been making similar changes. 

With regulation banning plastic straws pending in the UK, EU, in Canada and a number of other countries, companies and organisations that don’t want to get caught out or left behind should get ahead of the game while they can.

With our single-minded vision and drive for innovation, Transcend will always be ready to meet the sustainable packaging needs of all our clients, today and tomorrow.

Packaging that won’t cost us the planet