Leading UK Sustainable Packaging Manufacturer Hires Director of Print & Digital


Entrepreneur and client delivery specialist joins Transcend Packaging as Director of Print and Digital

Matt Ward: Changing the meaning of what’s possible

Matt Ward has joined Transcend Packaging as its new Director of Print & Digital. Matt joins Transcend following 20 successful years focusing on business leadership and client development, that spanned many areas of Marketing Services from Creative Design to retail POS production and packaging. Matt joins Transcend from ThinkCreativeStudio, where he was Head of Client Development.

During his career Matt has worked with some key players in the marketing services industry leading client operations for brands such as Bacardi-Martini, Hallmark Cards and Pet’s at Home. Helping to drive new customer relationships through print and digital strategies. Matt has also achieved further success in co-owning and developing the creative agency proposition at TenThirtyFive Ltd, providing creative services and innovative production for high profile brands including Cadbury, Trident, Flake and Wispa.

Matt is passionate about creatively disrupting the marketplace and delivering real innovation that drives tangible benefits for clients. He joins Transcend at a time when the sizeable HP digital printer investment made by the company in 2018 has reached maturity. Transcend is now ready take this to the next level and deliver unique and innovative sustainable packaging experiences that drive value for clients and their consumers.

Matt comments, “I want to drive both Transcend and our clients to find reasons to say yes, to change the meaning of what is possible. Too often, businesses and sometimes entire industries can overlook the growing need to be more agile and responsive to the ever-increasing volatility of consumer demand. Over my career, I’ve been known as someone who delivers results based on physical possibility, un-hampered by historic constraints. To deliver genuinely impactful innovations and tangible results for clients, we must be empowered to say ‘yes’ and then deliver excellence”.

Transcend is driving change in the packaging market through its moves in sustainable alternatives to single-use-packaging and digital print technology to address underserved markets. With Matt joining the Transcend team, his addition will provide an experience in client liaison and creative output that will guide the direction of the business in its efforts to further develop and augment its status as a market leader in the sustainable packaging category.