Compostable Paper Cups

Transcend is offering fully tested, printable, compostable and recyclable double-walled paper cups suitable for both hot or cold liquids in a variety of sizes ranging from. 4oz to 12oz. These cups do not degrade to or use microplastics and are not blended with PLA making a suitable alternative to plastic cups.

Accompanied by further testing of prototype packaging products using this biopolymer for seafood, meat & take-away meal trays and yogurt pots, while we are undertaking R&D into the development of compostable paper-based lid for coffee cups. The cups are created using a plant-based biopolymer. The biopolymer is a polyester that has similar mechanical properties to LDPE and PP in terms of machinability, melting point and ‘coatability’ however, this biopolymer acts as an alternative to flow wrap.

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