Paper Cutlery and Stirrers

With new legislation banning plastic cutlery and stirrers in the UK and European Union countries from 2021 onwards, Transcend is pioneering new sustainable solutions to replace both products. Today, plastic cutlery is often replaced with wood options, but we believe better solutions are possible. When assessing standard wood cutlery, we noticed 3 key problems; poor customer experience, the utilisation of petroleum-based wax, and the inability to be recycled or composted.

To address these issues, Transcend is developing a high specification paper cutlery solution. Engineered with high performance and durability, our paper cutlery provides an ideal replacement for plastic cutlery or poor performing wood options. Currently under development, our cutlery solution will be produced with FSC certified board from sustainably produced forests. Our stirrer options are currently available and have been designed with strong lateral resistance for effective stirring and reduced shearing, both of which are common in wood and plastic stirrers. Both products’ components create a high-quality strong utensil which is ideal for picnic’s, takeaways, and other events. Lastly, both products have been designed with their eco performance in mind while providing an outstanding user experience.

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