Paper Cutlery and Stirrers

With new legislation banning plastic cutlery in UK and European Union countries from 2021 onwards, Transcend are pioneering new sustainable solutions to replace plastic cutlery. When assessing standard quick service restaurant (QSR) wood cutlery, we noticed 3 key problems; poor customer experience, typically consisting of petroleum-based wax and that they are non-recyclable and non-compostable. To address these issues, Transcend have developed a high specification and performance paper cutlery solution. This product is ideal for picnic’s, takeaway’s acting as a direct

replacement for plastic cutlery. The cutlery and accompanied stirrer will be made from FSC certified, reel fed single ply virgin board. The stirrer has been wrapped with strong lateral resistance for effective stirring and reduce shearing, both of which are common in wood and plastic stirrers.

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