The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Straw

Transcend is one of the first companies to reintroduce paper straw production to Europe after a 50-year hiatus and in the past 2 years, has invested heavily in developing advanced paper straw production methodologies. Today, Transcend works everyday with major international brands to enhance the sustainability of their packaging products.

One of our featured products is the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) paper straw, where we proudly supply many leading international restaurant brands. Transcend is proud to offer a full range of food-grade paper straws that are safe, durable and ready to address both the concerns of your customers and align with new legislation such as the single-use plastic ban in UK and EU. We have developed a complete line of paper straws ranging in diameter from 6mm to 11mm and length ranging from 125mm to 325mm. We offer several standard straws that can be either printed or unprinted; wrapped or unwrapped. Printed straws use European inks that are food safe certified. Our QSR straws are made in the United Kingdom, with components sourced from both UK and European suppliers.

Our success in bringing sustainable applications to market as an alternative to single-use plastic has made us a European leader in the paper straw category and is fuelling demand for our products around the world. As a result, Transcend is expanding outside of the UK into continental Europe, with a goal of further supporting business in multiple countries and market sectors as they remove single-use plastic straws from their supply chains.

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