In response to rise in deliveries and takeaways, Transcend is proud to announce our new ‘T-Eco’ home delivery and takeaway container. We are working with like-minded companies to source sustainable materials that offer a true alternative to current options that are low performers on the sustainability spectrum. Transcend is continuously researching further advancements within this product category and will be presenting the market a range of options include trays, clamshells, meal boxes and hotdog trays.

The qualities that make the T-Eco range unique may be found in the board, produced using solid kraft with an aqueous coating, removing any need for PE coatings. These coatings create the leakproof and grease resistance properties that are a requirement for a successful takeaway product. The container is suitable for duel ovenable convection, microwave ovens and freezing, due to its ability to withstanding both high and low temperatures. The eco-properties of the raw material present any paper or board mill with both recyclable and compostable end-of-life options. All these characteristics make it perfect for both hot or cold food, home delivery and takeaway, while providing a viable option for restaurants to make their takeaway food packaging more sustainable.

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