U-bend Industrial Straw®

Our U-bend Industrial Straw® represents a significant design advancement and we have continued to grow our straw business into a position of UK category leadership, supplying most major quick service restaurant brands and recently announcing the bendable/U-bend straw for juice boxes with Ribena.

With single-use plastic straws thought to account for 4% of all plastic waste globally and 2,000 tonnes of plastic straws believed to end up in the world’s oceans every year, Transcend believes this new straw can make a meaningful contribution toward reducing plastic waste. Our industrial straw® has successfully completed industrial trials on both SIG and Tetrapak lines, while maintaining the same O.E.E. as a poly-propylene straw over the 6-hour trial period. This straw will also become a direct replacement for PP straws eliminating the need for retooling by the customer.

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