Reelbrands joins forces with leading eco-centric manufacturing partners – Swanline & Transcend Packaging


Reelbrands Ltd (REEL) develops and delivers sustainable packaging and event products made from plastic-free materials. Experts in fibre-based products using the very latest biotechnology, they work with leading brands, retailers and event organisers. Based in Maldon, Essex, REEL just launched the world’s first plastic-free, branded cardboard tent which will be used at outdoor events and festivals.

“The challenge was to create a range of products to help alleviate the single-use plastic crisis. From tents, stools, outdoor furniture, signage and food packaging made from a unique plastic-free, water resistant paperboard sourced from managed forests. The waste and pollution caused by plastic is out of control. In the UK where we recycle just 9% of our plastics – the balance of which is sent to landfill, incinerated or exported, we felt something needed to be done” said Ian Bates, co-founder of REEL.

In order to scale-up development and manufacturing, they have partnered with Swanline Paper & Board Ltd and Transcend Packaging Ltd. “This development is significant for us because through collaboration we can optimise our resources to bring to market new innovations and products using paper-based materials such as our new Cygnus® Eco. Partnering with Transcend and REEL we see huge potential to fill the widening gap in the market to replace POS, signage and packaging made from plastics with high-performance, water resistant paperboard alternatives” said Ross Griffin, Managing Director of Swanline Paper & Board.

Transcend Packaging is known for its market-leading paper straws, digital printing and carton production from its production facility in South Wales, but over the coming months it will be launching other paperboard products made from market-changing materials and technology. “We are very excited about our partnership with Reelbrands as it reflects our commitment to produce products that reduce the environmental impact of packaging while delivering outstanding performance. We have invested in the latest printing and down-stream conversion technology to allow us to partner with a broad range of companies to make their packaging more sustainable. Our partnership with REEL and Swanline is a natural extension of our commitment toward bringing innovative, sustainable packaging to market” said Lorenzo Angelucci, Managing Director of Transcend Packaging.